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Your Scottish Accommodation Guide

We thought we would give you an idea of the different types of accommodation available in Scotland. We have broken the accommodation down into categories and given you an idea of the types of prices you are likely to pay for each.

Grading of accommodation in Scotland - across Britain has at last been standardised which covers the English, Welsh and Scottish Tourist Board Grading schemes. You will also find the AA motoring organisation have also joined in. Good news for the holiday maker. This is long over due and should be a great benefit for those planning their holidays in Britain.

Caravan and Camp site accommodation - are all over Scotland, a popular form of accommodation for many holiday makers, there should be absolutely no difficulty in finding a caravan or camping site. Be careful during peak seasons, some of the busy locations fill up very rapidly, so do not turn up at 7pm in the evening always expecting there to be space available. Price per stance or pitch can be in the region of £10 to £20 per night depending on the area of Scotland and time of year. Many are not open from November to March/April.

Youth Hostels and Backpackers (self-catering) accommodation - offer very comfortable accommodation in Scotland, although you will sleep several to a room or dormitory, share washing facilities etc. There are cooking facilities where you can prepare basic meals. They are usually found in all large towns and also surprisingly more and more in the country areas. Price per person per night £14 to £20 depending on the area of Scotland and time of the year.

Holiday Flat/Cottage/chalets accommodation - a home from home, when you holiday in Scotland. Many provide every modern convenience, washing machines, TV some with video players, irons, WiFi etc. etc. Typical prices for sleeping 4 people is from £230 to £1,000+ per week depending on location and time of the year. This can work out to be a very affordable form of accommodation in Scotland, especially when you divide the cost amongst the number of people staying in a cottage or chalet.

Bed and Breakfast - you will find literally thousands of places offering B&B accommodation in Scotland from small country houses, guest houses, Victorian villas, farms, to large castles. The prices start at about £25 per person per night up to £50+ or more depending on location and time of the year. The cheaper rates do not usually include en-suite bathroom facilities. There is always spare capacity, but again the warning is for peak seasons (June to early September) in busy locations you will find the earlier you book the better the selection and location.

Hotel accommodation - is found right across Scotland from the busy towns to the country areas. There are some world class hotels catering for your every whim to the more modest. You have a fantastic choice many with their own superb restaurants offering world class food many using Scottish ingredients and the natural game found here in Scotland, from Venison to wild Atlantic salmon, wild brown trout, sea fish from the coast waters to a superb selection of shell fish of all varieties from Scotland's rich coastal waters. The prices start from £35 to £100+ and more per person per night depending on location and time of the year.

Accommodation in Scotland is often of a very high standard and if you choose carefully you will be able to find exactly what you want, with regards to budget, location and size of your party.

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